I always found it difficult to wash my kelpie. She was up for a fight every time the dog shampoo came out. I decided to try Paws 4 Effect on a friend’s recommendation and found the drama of dog washing no longer and issue and actually found that my little kelpie “Kelly” was looking forward to her monthly visits to Toni and the girls.

She always comes back happy, clean and smelling beautiful when I pick her up.

I have since recommended Paws 4 Effect to many of my friends and have had glowing reports from all of them; I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a reliable and professional grooming service for their best friend.


Paws 4 Effect have been washing Napoleon our Newfie for nearly 7 years.  Napoleon is apparently the only Newfie who managed to get on the grooming table (that in itself is a feat admittedly this was when he was a puppy).  Napoleon would become excited and run around and whimper excitedly whenever he saw Toni’s car and van pull up outside our house.  He enjoyed his bath time with Toni and there was never a time that he was not happy to see Toni.  Toni can attest to this (slobber and all).  Not only was Toni responsible for washing Napoleon, she would also clip him in the summertime.  Oh what a beautiful outfit she would wear when giving him his summer clip!!!

We decided to move to Queensland, however we are still Manly and Blues supporters but we have been unable to find someone as caring and wonderful as Toni in maintaining our Newfie.


I have known Toni Barnes from Paws 4 Effect for over 8 years over this time she has groomed and cared for my 2 dogs.

It gives me the greatest pleasure to recommend anyone who loves their dogs and is looking for a groomer to not only groom but care for their animals.  Toni has the most amazing ability to understand not only your needs but those animals in her care.  Mitchell and Jackson (latter recently deceased) have been groomed and cared for by Toni over this time on a regular basis. Toni who I call ‘Australia’s Dog Whisperer’ not only does a brilliant groom but has the ability to know my dogs, she cares for the welfare and they in return are so happy to see her on her regular visits. Jackson was blind but still found his way to greet her on her visits being so relaxed in her care that he would fall asleep under her care.  Mitchell was so happy to hear her voice that would obey her every command (trust me he does not always obey mine).  I am so happy and relaxed to leave Mitchell in her care for a day out at the Salon or in the Mobile knowing that he was not only looked after and perfectly groomed by her and her capable groomers.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Toni and her Staff to anyone who loves their doggies. They will be cared for, groomed and come home totally looking out of this world and totally relaxed.


I took my cocker spaniel to Toni and the staff at Paws 4 Effect, they not only did a great job but also treat all the dogs like they are their own. Was a great experience for me and Coco.


Thank you for your loving care of me from a wee pup to my doting old age, well I am 11 on July 1
Your care and attention to my flowing coat from nose to tail is impeccable
Love, Licks & Drool

Miss Bruin The Bear

Roxy (a standard labradoodle) is a regular at the Paws 4 Effect Salon. She gets sooooo excited when she arrives at the salon and really looks forward to seeeing Toni and the girls. The professionalism and caring nature of everyone at the salon gives me immense confidence that she is in good hands for her “spa” day. I would recommend Paws 4 Effect to anyone who wants a professional, safe and caring washing and or grooming experience for their dog.



Tuesday afternoons is doggy wash at my place.  Bob hears Toni’s truck and he is down the driveway to meet his favourite person. Daisy is more reluctant, but still enjoys her bath time.
Almost every week for the past seven years Toni has bathed my two (and sometimes) four dogs. She is great at her job,  her love for the animals comes through in all she does.
She provides a caring service and helpful advice.  I would highly recommend Paws 4 Effect to any dog owner.


I would like to thank Toni for all her years of compassionate service in tending to our dogs.

Each week she arrives at the designated time and lovely baths our German Shepherd Dogs.

Her understanding and beautiful sympathetic hand made tribute to my boy General when he passed away was very comforting

I could not recommend her highly enough to tend any animal.


Just wanted to say what a fantastic job you do for us, our old labrador Sandy is always so well washed and happy after you have been. We always know that if we aren’t home when you come, you will take care of our beloved pet. You always make sure she is secure when you leave. Thanks for taking so much care and doing a fabulous job! Don’t know what we would do without your excellent service! Many Thanks

The Douglas Family