Greenhound Approved Assessors

We have a keen interest in the welfare of Greyhounds and a desire to promote and improve the image of the Greyhound breed.  We were so motivated to help this breed that we became involved in the GreenHound program and become approved GreenHound Assessors.

To help promote this fantastic image of Greyhounds we are now offering Pets Australia members who own Greyhounds and want to go for their GreenHound Assessment Test a 10% discount. Seniors and pensioner discounts are also available.

Following is a little about us:

ALEX SURPLICE – Pooch Professionals &
TONI BARNES – Paws 4 Effect


Certificate IV Behavioural Training – Alex (2003); Toni (2004)
Herbal Medicine Certificate Toni (2011)
Canine First Aid Certificate – Alex (2011) and Toni (2011 & 2014)
K9 Remedial Massage Certificate – Alex (2012)
Senior First Aid Certificate – Alex (2012)
GreenHound Assessors – Alex and Toni (2013)
Toni Barnes
Mobile and Salon Based Groomer – [Paws 4 Effect]
Qualified Delta Instructor

Alex Surplice
Qualified Delta CGC Instructor/Assessor – [Pooch
K9 Remedial Massage Therapist – [Pooch Professionals]

Animals particularly dogs have been a very important part of both Toni and Alex’s lives. Alex began instructing at the local dog club in 1995. Toni joined the same dog club and commenced instructing with the club in 1999. Both were more interested in building good relationships with their dogs and were more comfortable using the positive based training methods which at that time were only in their infancy (within the dog club world). Both are passionate about building and strengthening the bond between families and their pets. The Delta Behavioural Training Certificate provided them with the skills to achieve their goals.

Toni and Alex work as a team – assisting one other in each other’s businesses.

Toni has been on the Animal Advisory Committee for Warringah Council for the last 5 years.


Toni has the menagerie – comprising 4 dogs (2 mini Schnauzers); (1 x Rotti x Gordon Setter) and (1 Greyhound); 3 cats, 10 birds and a rabbit – really interesting as she has only recently adopted the greyhound.

Alex has a labradoodle who is also a Delta Pet Therapy Dog, and 3 donkeys.

We have found using positive based training methods are far more successful, and the results achieved are amazing. Alex and Toni are on a continuous learning curve and share what we learn with each other and our clients.

A few words from Toni and Alex:

“Animals complete our lives – they have so much to offer and if we are interested and observant enough they can teach us so much. We are keen to help dispel the preconceived notion that Greyhounds can’t make great family pets and to try and help remove the stigma associated with greyhounds and the muzzle.”


Green Hounds

The Greenhound assessment has been designed for the assessment of NSW greyhounds for the purpose of Greenhound muzzle exemptions in accordance with the NSW Companion Animal Regulations.

The objective of this assessment is to identify dogs with a temperament suited for integration as a companion animal and to be exempt from wearing a muzzle whilst under the effective control of their owner. Importantly the assessment is designed to protect public safety and minimise the potential risk of greyhound attacks on people or other dogs in a public environment.

Specifically, this test is designed to identify dogs that:
-    Are friendly, approachable and manageable.
-   Show no aggression towards other dogs.
-   Show no aggression toward humans in a range of situations.

Assessments are held at either Middle Dural, St Ives Showground or Elanora Heights by appointment .
For additonal information to see if you are eligible to be assessed go to the Greenhounds website