Deadly Diseases Mean Dead Dogs

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In the last 12 months, more than 2700 NSW families have suffered terribly as NSW’s two big epidemics needlessly claim the lives of their best friends.

Parvovirus and Paralysis Ticks are at epidemic levels and are killing dogs, and most pet owners don’t even know about it.

With community vaccination rates at their lowest levels, and the tick season moving to earlier in the year, the risk to dogs is huge.

And these are just the reported cases, the real number may be more than double that, according to the disease mapping service “Disease Watchdog”.

“I don’t want to see any of my client’s dogs die”, said Toni Barnes from Paws 4 Effect Grooming in Elanora. “So I’m doing something positive to help”.

Paws 4 Effect in Elanora Heights has taken the initiative to reduce pet suffering and death by hosting a Parvovirus and Paralysis Tick Pet Owners information night, to be held at 57 Kalang Rd Elanora Heights on MONDAY 22nd July from 7pm SHARP.

“Community vaccination rates are lower on the Northern Beaches than in some other parts of Sydney, which means every dog is now at real risk” said Toni.

“These community vaccination rates are the key to stopping this epidemic, so we have invited a vet to help us understand not just the “Parvo” disease, but also how community vaccination works to slow down this outbreak”.

“We will also take the opportunity to update on Tick poisoning in Dogs, because the tick season is changing and some of the tick information we thought we knew has been outdated”.

“We will see mapping of the outbreaks, discuss how Parvo and Tick disease is changing and deal with difficult topics like booster vaccination”.

“And the map of dog disease and tick poisoning has the Northern Beaches right in the middle of it”, Toni said.

“I care so much about my clients and their pets, I just want them to be armed and ready for these epidemics”.

Parvo and Tick Information might, to be held at Paws 4 Effect, 57 Kalang Rd Elanora Heights, Monday 8th July Cost: $20, Pets Australia members FREE – spaces very limited so BOOK NOW at Paws 4 EFFECT or Pets Australia.

For More Information: contact Toni Barnes at Paws 4 Effect on 0412 102 925

Dr Joanne Sillince at Pets Australia on 0412 609 151 Disease Watchdog:

Download the flyer Pets Australia Flyer

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